Peeks | Sault Ste. Marie | In Your Eyes Projects

Photos from IYE's productions from their first three seasons. Use side arrow to navigate through photos. See images of the performing arts in Sault Ste. Marie.


The incredible performers featured in the photos include: Tova Arbus, Dan Nystedt, Anna Gartshore, Bob Cooper, Carol McLean, Maria Kathava, Heather Jansen, Krissy Strickland, Ava Nori, Emma Dingle, Elora Nelson, Colleen Lavey, Randi Houston Jones, Courtney MacDonald, Kaila O'Callaghan, Chas Calam, Andrew Naphan, Darielle Chomyn, Penny Gribbon, RJ Renner, Steven McCarthy, Jonas Trottier, Adam Proulx, Lauren Kinney, Marc Beaudette, Sandra Forsell, Skye Stewart, Steve Ancic, Brent Vallee and Alex Briglio.

Performing Arts/Production photos by Ali Pearson.  Visit Ali Pearson Photography here.

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