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In Your Eyes Projects in Partnership with Algoma University present 

If We Were Birds: The Workshops

This production will be accompanied by workshops designed to further explore the events, ideas and themes developed in Erin Shields' award winning play, IF WE WERE BIRDS. 

Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women  I  Shirley Horn  February 24th

Feb.24th 2020, Shingwauk Auditorium, Algoma University. Time: 7:30pm to 9pm

Conducted by Shirley Horn, Special Advisor, In Your Eyes Projects production of “If We Were Birds”. Chancellor, Algoma University

I was invited to participate with this production to continue to bring awareness to the same issues as portrayed in the play, of violence toward women through physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse of Aboriginal women today.

The disappearance of our girls and women continues to happen in this modern day and age. We are working on many fronts to combat this assault on our women who continue to be taken from communities and their families, and very often ending in the total disappearance of individuals and murder.

There is a need for more information to be shared within our own communities and the public at large if we are ever to be successful in healing from these atrocities aimed at our girls and women.

We need help to raise our women warriors to make the changes that will lead to the healing of whole communities in the spirit of sincerity and compassion.

This is a huge challenge, and we all have an opportunity to be a part of the change. It takes courage, understanding, compassion and a willingness to make a difference by refusing to allow the continuance of this brutality in our country. It will take all of us together. We will have a dialogue together and a Q&A following the workshop.

As part of the one-of-a-kind performance If We Were Birds, thought-provoking and emotional workshops are taking place on campus.

Today, two Residential School Survivors, and beloved Elders Jackie Fletcher and Chancellor Shirley Horn joined Professor Michael Burtch and Danielle Moore to facilitate a workshop about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. — at Algoma University.


The Artist as Set Designer  I  Michael Burtch  I  Feb. 25th

Feb.25th 2020, Shingwauk Auditorium, Algoma University. Time; 7:30pm to 9pm

Conducted by Michael Burtch, Scenic Designer, In Your Eyes Projects production of “If We Were Birds”

Artists throughout the centuries have designed sets for the stage, whether for drama,opera or dance.

This workshop will, by way of introduction, highlight three artists from the 20th century, Kasimir Malevitch, Alberto Giacometti and Isamu Noguchi, who's work influenced set design. The relationship between the set design for “If We Were Birds” and the content and context of the play will be the main focus of the session. An emphasis will be placed on the creative evolution from the initial interpretation of the play to the final execution of the set as both an artistic statement and a practical setting that can help creative an emotive environment for the actors and audience alike.

The Pathway to Healing  I  Anna Gartshore  March 8th  

March 8th 2020, Shingwauk Auditorium, Algoma University. Time: 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Conducted by Anna Gartshore, Actress (Philomela in “If We Were Birds”), RSW, MSW

A free two-hour discussion and workshop to explore the various pathways available towards healing from trauma. Anna Gartshore will facilitate a discussion and provide education on the current evidenced based mind/body approaches for trauma recovery as well as the myriad ways humans have collectively gathered to overcome adversity including storytelling, music, dance, humour and connection.

Anna Gartshore's Bio (from the IYE program for IF WE WERE BIRDS): Anna has worked professionally as an actress, director, movement & character coach, choreographer and teacher in Canada, France, Great Britain and the USA. She is a graduate of the full-time performance program at Ecole Philippe Gaulier International School of Theatre (in London, UK & Paris, France). Anna has combined her background in theatre with her passion for the arts and social change through her full-time private practice where she specializes in experiential, psychodynamic psychotherapies for complex trauma, eating disorders, anxieties, life crises, grief, well let’s just say -human suffering! She holds a Master of Social Work from Laurier University (clinical practice with individuals, families, groups) and an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies from Trent University (image, sound, performance). Healing from sexual trauma is possible and it is an immense honour to work with all the courageous individuals who face their healing work as they reclaim their voices, their identities and restore meaning to their lives. May the creative and healing arts continue to be funded and may the artists of our world continue to be inspired to make beauty, bring joy, touch deeply and stir the hearts of humankind towards compassion, dignity and wakefulness.